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Indulging in the act of masturbation more than frequently, to the point where it becomes a habit is considered as excessive masturbation. Excessive Masturbation regularly increases one’s dependency on the act. It can also lead to various physical and psychological problems.


-Addiction to porn -Stress -Boredom -Excessive sexual thoughts


-Fatigue -Low sexual stamina -Anxiety -Backache -Low sex drive -Pain

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Is it common?

Most experts in the field of sexology acknowledge the fact that masturbation, in general, is absolutely a normal physiological/natural activity

Harmful or not?

No, masturbation is not considered harmful unless it is done excessively. People may believe it to be wrong due to ethical, moral & religious reasons. But excessive masturbation can make a person sex addict and lead to abnormal sexual desires, but that is rare.

The frequency of masturbation

The frequency of healthy masturbation does not have an accurate answer to it. It may be healthy for some people to masturbate daily but for some, it may show some side effects. If it doesn't affect the average energy level of the person and doesn't disrupt regular activities, the person shall be fine with it. There are a few researchers and sexologists who suggest that daily masturbation in excess can be harmful. It causes weakness, fatigue, early ejaculation or abnormal sexual desires. Also, if a person fails to reach regular orgasms, it can increase the stress level and lead to mental health issues, frustration, sexual dysfunctions, reduced/increased sexual desires and unhappiness in general. Masturbation helps to release stress and stabilizes the mood of a person.

Can masturbation replace sex

Everything in our world has its own utility and the same stands for sex and masturbation. Both of them cannot replace each other. It can help the person recognize their sexual behaviour patterns better. Sometimes, masturbation may attempt to hinder the sexual desire during intercourse. If an individual starts to compromise on sexual activities with their partner, it may lack the intimacy of the relationship.

Effect of masturbation on premature ejaculation

Excessive masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation during intercourse.

Effect of masturbation on sperm count

Usually, masturbation has no effect on the number of sperm produced, as sperm production is a continuous process in the male body.

Benefits of masturbation

Masturbation leads to a healthy and satisfying sex life. The various health benefits of masturbation are listed as follows: -Releases more Endorphins in the body -Releases dopamine and oxytocin that boost overall mood. -Better understanding of one’s own body functions -Can improve sex life with the partner

Side effects of excessive masturbation

The common side effects of masturbation are: -Fatigue and Weakness -Early or premature ejaculation -Backache -Testicular pain