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What is Dermatology?

The branch of medicine that deals with diseases concerning the skin, nails, and hair, is known as dermatology. It has sub-specialities such as Mohs surgery, Paediatric dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, dermatopathology, immune dermatology, tele dermatology and dermato epidemiology. There are various therapies covered under dermatology including laser therapy, tumescent liposuction, vitiligo surgery, hair transplant, hair removal, tattoo removal, phototherapy, allergy testing etc. And as the name suggests, a doctor specialised in dermatology is known as a dermatologist.

What Does A Dermatologist Do?

A Dermatologist i.e. a Skin Doctor, is a physician who helps you find a cure and treats various problems associated with your skin condition, nails, and hair. In some cases, skin specialists -dermatologists- even handle cosmetic issues such as revitalizing the skin, severe acne or hair loss, dandruff,and critical diseases like skin cancer, dermatitis, mole surveillance and eczema. A dermatologist performs surgical procedures or cosmetic procedures- if needed- like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, mole removal, keloid surgery, fillers etc.

When To Consult A Dermatologist?

A skin specialist doctor should be immediately consulted if the patient has severe acne or faces issues like skin ageing, skin damage etc. Apart from these, other reasons for which a dermatologist must be consulted can be scar treatments, eczema, skin cancer, inflammation on the skin and fungal infection. You must consult a dermatologist immediately in case you notice any of the symptoms associated with skin problems or infections.

What Do Our Dermatologists Treat?

Our Skin Specialists -dermatologists- at DocsApp have the expertise and demonstrated success chart for evaluating and treating over 2000 plus skin diseases including skin cancer and disorders such as skin infections, Rashes, Psoriasis with many others. Here’ s a brief of the common ones below.

Psoriasis -

Psoriasis is a condition arising from an abnormal immune response. It is an autoimmune skin disease which results in patches of abnormal skin that are generally red, itchy, dry and scaly. There are around hundreds of autoimmune diseases and psoriasis is one of the most common among all of them. It can be characterised by the symptoms like inflammation and exfoliation of the skin. Worry no more and consult a skin specialist i.e. a dermatologist online to get the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

Eczema -

Eczema, also known as Dermatitis is a group of diseases of the skin. This term is generally used for representing atopic dermatitis that can be characterized by patches of itchy, dry and red skin. Symptoms of Eczema generally include rashes and sometimes blisters may occur. Talk to one of our dermatologists online at DocsApp to get a better understanding of your symptoms and started with a great experience and treatment plan right away.

Acne -

Acne is a broad term of a skin condition in which a person gets pimples, white or blackheads on the skin. It can either be on the face or body. The main reason behind acne is clogged pores and oily skin. Acne is the 8th most common disease, affecting the lives of more than 500 million people globally. People between the ages of 12 to 24 are more prone to get acne but sometimes they occur even till and after the age of 30. Acne can be mild to severe leaving scars on the skin and can be a reason for stress due to social anxiety. Consult a dermatologist online now.

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Pigmentation -

The disturbances in the natural skin colour is known as Pigmentation. There are two types of pigmentation disorders noticed broadly. The first one is Hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of the skin and the other one known as Vitiligo in which the skin loses pigment and turns white. Online dermatologist consultation is required if you experience any difference in the colour of your skin and find the best cure for it.

Ringworm -

It is a fungal infection of the skin in which a circular itchy rash is caused by the infection. The initial signs of the infection include a scaly patch or a bump which itches and eventually it turns into a red circular or ring-shaped patch on the skin. It is highly contagious and it’s recommended to speak to a doctor or dermatologist to diagnose the infection and to get the right treatment plan in place in case you’re suffering from the infection.

Fungal Infection -

Just like bacteria, fungi also live on our skin. A fungal infection can occur due to several factors such as poor hygiene, or lowered immunity in the body. There are many types of fungal infections with common ones such as athlete‚ Aos foot, ringworm, jock‚ Aos itch and more. To know more about the symptoms and to get the right treatment consult a dermatologist online now.

Itching Rashes -

Several reasons such as sweat, fungal or yeast infections can cause itchy rashes. They can also occur due to dermatitis, dry skin, and unhygienic lifestyle. It is very common to get a rash but an itching rash should not be ignored as it can be a sign of any other underlying disease. You must consult a dermatologist immediately in such a case.

Face Tan -

Our skin is protected from the UV rays by Melanin, a skin pigment produced by the cells in our body. It absorbs the extra UV light from the sun which generally causes skin darkening, commonly known as tanning. The effect of tanning varies based on the amount of melanin present naturally in different skin types. And for the removal of tan or de-tanning the skin, you need the right guidance from a certified dermatologist and DocsApp provides you just that. Tan can be treated with the help of tan removal creams or even with certain home remedies but consulting a dermatologist will provide better results.

Genital Skin issues -

Genital skin problems are common but less talked about as they can be excruciating, depressing and embarrassing. Some commonly noticed skin issues related to the genitals are Lichen sclerosus, Intertrigo, Seborrheic dermatitis, Lichen simplex, Plasma cell balanitis, etc. Genital skin problems may or may not be contagious but must not be overseen and a dermatologist’s consultation is suggested.

Other Skin diseases -

Bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus, is the main cause of many skin diseases. Severe diseases like skin ulcer, hives, erythema, warts, and pustules must be treated as per the directions by a dermatologist. Some skin diseases can even lead to hair loss which is a bad experience. Usage of chemical peels can help in improving the skin’s appearance.

Get instant and private online consultation from highly experienced dermatologists on your mobile now. Our expert skin specialist doctors -dermatologists- will answer your skin related questions immediately and can help treat crucial skin conditions like skin cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermatologists who are trained Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons can perform Plastic surgery.
It depends on the diagnosis and the extent of the illness, and also on the procedure and/or therapeutic measures that need to be taken.

Cosmetology is a further specialisation training in cosmetic procedures (hair, skin etc.), after dermatology.
Yes, if a dermatologist is specially trained in the procedure, they can provide laser treatment.

Yes, if a dermatologist is specially trained in the procedure, they can do a hair transplant.
Yes, but please ensure you're being mindful of nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle.