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Septoplasty is a procedure that helps to straighten the septum or the bone and cartilage that separates the area between the two nostrils. The septum is said to be deviated when bent. A deviated septum can make it challenging to breathe through the nose and may raise your risk of sinus infections due to insufficient drainage.

Causes Of Deviated Nasal Septum

The causes of a deviated nasal septum can be multifaceted, which may often required septoplasty, the most beneficial deviated nasal septum treatment. The cause may include: - Malformed nasal septum, - A septum dislodged during intranasal surgery, - A clogged nasal airway - It can also be considered in people with enlarged turbinates and excessive nose bleeding.

Who is at Risk?

    The advantages of septoplasty surgery are as follows: - Removes nasal polyps - Improves breathing through the nose - Treats long-term sinusitis - Stops bleeding in the nose - Clears blockage of the nasal airways - Decreases snoring - Helps reduce sinus problems The risks and complications of septoplasty are as follows: - Heavy bleeding from the nose - Infection of the nose - Scarring on the nose - Formation of blood clots - Difficulty in breathing - Irregularities in the shape of the nose - Rupture of blood vessels in the nose - Delay in the healing process - Tooth and nose numbness - Hole in the septum - Unsatisfactory results - Revision of septoplasty - Rarely, reaction to the anesthesia

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Why MediBuddy Surgery Care

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Symptoms Of Deviated Nasal Septum

    Depending on the severity of your deviated nasal septum, the symptoms may vary. It generally includes: - Breathing issues through the nose or one side of the nose being easier to breathe through - Nasal bleeding - Sinus infection - Headaches - Nostril dryness - Snoring - Congested nasal passage - Facial pain in severe cases

Types Of Septoplasty

    Septoplasty surgery can follow different incision methods, such as: - Transfixion or Hematransfixion Incision for people with deviated caudual septum. - Killian Incision for people whose septal deviation is in the middle or posterior third of the nasal structure. - Cottle Elevator Incision, which allows the surgeons to elevate the affected nasal structure without disturbing the rest.

What is the Recovery Time?

    You may completely recover in 1 to 2 months after the septoplasty surgery.

Where to get septoplasty surgery or deviated septum surgery in Kozhikode?

    The most excellent hospitals and surgeons for septoplasty are in Kozhikode. Advanced, minimally invasive techniques are used to do the procedure. Being a resident of Kozhikode makes it simple to book an appointment with the best plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, or trained ENT specialist doctor who can do the procedure easily and safely. Kozhikode has a track record of performing surgeries with a success rate of more than 80%.

When and how to do the surgery in Kozhikode?

    Initial deviated septum treatment focuses on short-term symptom management and patient comfort. Decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal steroid sprays keep the airways open and ease breathing. Medications can only treat the symptoms; they cannot correct the deviated septum. After the symptoms have been treated, septoplasty surgery is required to reduce the likelihood of subsequent nose infections. Typically, septoplasty is the most effective therapy for a deviated septum. During a septoplasty, the nasal septum is straightened and moved to the middle of the nose. General anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia is the first step in the septoplasty procedure. The surgeon then cuts and removes some parts of the nasal septum before re-inserting them in the appropriate position. A septoplasty procedure could take between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the extent of the necessary correction. After the deviated septum surgery, the nose is immobilized using splints and soft tissue packs. This prevents future nosebleeds and the formation of scar tissue, the splints are removed after 1-2 weeks, but the tissue packing is removed within 2-3 days of surgery. Splints aid in the healing of the nose in its new position. If you want to undergo a septoplasty, schedule an appointment immediately with one of the best surgeons in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A septoplasty surgery takes one to two hours to complete. The patient can return home on the same day. In a day or two, the patient might be able to go back to work.

Personal and business insurance plans cover surgery.

In Kozhikode, septoplasty costs vary between Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 1,23,000. The price may change based on the hospital type, lab test or examination fees, patient age, medical condition, septal deformity or displacement degree, post-surgical issues, doctor's charge, admission fee, etc.

Nasal packing may or may not be retained following surgery. If you do, your doctor might remove the packing in 24 to 48 hours.